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Andy warhol lithography tomato 1629/3000 signed & numbered, authenticated. Andy Warhol Elcoco
Andy Warhol signed in print & numbered lithograph, stamp authenticated by the editor cmoa (Carnegie Museum of Art)

I'm offering the famous lithograph «Campbell's Soup» tomato from the series i, andy warhol (6.8.1928 – 22.2.1987).

Artist: Andy warhol
Arch / Motive: 40 cm * 50 cm / 19.685 * 15.798 inches
Motive: tomato, 1969
Editor: Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh
Year of Edition: 1986
Limited Edition: 1629 / 3000 / numbered with pencil on front / on verso stamped cmoa (stamp authenticated)
Signature: signed in plate
Index: f/s #ii. 46, Campbell's Soup Series i
Condition: excellet, no tears & creases

This unique print is from a limited edition and not like the often offered unlimited prints from Andy Warhol with the note „published by Sunday B. Morning» and „fill in your own signature». You get here an incomparable signed lithograph with a lasting and a steady rising value.

Coa: The only serious coa for Warhol prints comes from the Board of the Warhol Foundation. The examination costs are all in all about $ 2000. It will be issued for handsigned lithographs or handpaintings which have value of min. $ 20000.
Provenance: All offered prints come directly from the editor
The spot on the upper side is a magnet for fixing the lithograph.

By air Mail from Switzerland
Solid packaging guaranteed
Canada, usa $ 65
Europe $ 40
Overseas $ 75
Switzerland $ 15

Paypal, Moneybookers
Wire to us or Swiss bank accounts
Andy warhol lithography tomato 1629/3000 signed & numbered, authenticated
Zeitgenössische Kunst,  Drucke,  Lithographien
Autor: Andy Warhol
40 x  50 Zm  /   15.7 x  19.7 Zoll
Themen: Wein, Gastronomie  /   Herkunft: Kunst Nordamerikas  /   Genres: Pop Art  /   Charakteristika: Serie  /   Authentizität: Orginalabzug  /   Künstlertypen: Professionelle Künstler  /   Aufhängungen: Auf Papier  /   Periode: Zeitgenössisch  /  
gepostet: 12 April, 2014 / bearbeitet: 12 April, 2014
Copyright Elcoco

Andy warhol lithography tomato 1629/3000 signed & numbered, authenticated
1.044 €  741 £  1.190 $ 
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Staad, Schweiz
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