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Jeweller firm of Sazikov. Sazikov Silver 84 Dali Devidze
Jewelry company of Sazikov
Pavel Fyodorovich Sazikov, the merchant of the 3rd guild, the skillful engraver, the owner of a small workshop in Moscow (1793).
In 1810 he is already the owner of factory on manufacture of various silver products.
Business was continued by his son Ignatiy Pavlovich Sazikov (1793 - 1868) - the outstanding Russian jeweler - and grandsons Valentin (1830 - 1877), Pavel (1815 - 1856), Valentin Ignatyevich's widow - Valentina Pavlovna and her son Pavel Valentinovich.
I. Sazikov, the owner of factory of gold and silver products from 1830 to 1868.
The participant of the All-Russian and World Fairs, starting with the 1st world in London in 1851, has gained world recognition and the first orders from abroad, had numerous awards.
The objects made by Sazikov's firm of gold and silver were used during services in St. Isaac's Cathedral.
In 1837 Ignatiy Pavlovich Sazikov has been granted a rank of the court manufacturer of silver products.
In 1842 the branch in SPb is open.
In 1845 at factory the special office has been open for training of silversmiths and goldsmiths on 80 people.
I. Sazikov employed the famous artists and sculptors, made use of the best foreign practices and the equipment (the Russia's first guilloche car from France in 1843).
In 1850 Pavel Ignatyevich is awarded ranks of not cool artist; the sculptor, executed utensils for St. Isaac's Cathedral according to drawings from ancient objects.
Data on 1881 Moscow factories: 58 poods of silver, annual turnover of 127 thousand rubles, 46 workers; St. Petersburg factory: 67 poods of church utensils and table things, 39 thousand rubles annual turnover and 74 workers.
Shops and factories existed before 1887, then have passed to Khlebnikov's firm.
St. Petersburg
Jeweller firm of Sazikov
Kunst des 19.Jh. und älter,  Andere,  Kollagen
Autor: Sazikov Silver 84
35 x  7 x  10 Zm  /   13.8 x  2.8 x  3.9 Zoll
Durchmesser 3 Zm  /   1.2 Zoll
Gewicht 0.8 kg
Themen: Abstrakt  /   Herkunft: Europa  /   Authentizität: Original  /   Periode: Renaissance (15.-16.Jh.)  /  
gepostet: 14 Mai, 2017 / bearbeitet: 14 Mai, 2017
Copyright Dali Devidze

Jeweller firm of Sazikov
5.000 €  3.550 £  5.700 $ 
Private Collection
Dali Devidze
Dali Devidze
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