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«ARTitudinal allusions» at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery - New York City -

Rainer Englisch gepostet: 17 September, 2016 / bearbeitet: 20 September, 2016
«ARTitudinal allusions» at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery - New York City -
Rainer englisch

«ARTitudinal allusions» august 26 – september 27.2016

Francis Bacon contemplated: «Ideas always acquire appearance veils, the attitudes that people acquire of their time and earlier time. Really good artists tear down those veils. « Rainer Englisch’s noteworthy paintings are inspired by this credo whereby he commemorates and celebrates world events and figures who have defined the cultural, literary, social and political global trends.

With his unique painterly vision, he welcomes the viewer into their world, thus allowing these cultural and literary figures to become more transparent and invites us to connect into their lives of a previous era. Through an intuitive visual language which is symbolically interlaced with a collage of figures, signs, newspapers, and writings, Mr. Englisch assists us in defining the subject with his powerful aesthetic narrative message and adroitly states that these world cultural icons are universally culturally relevant. The usage of vivid color juxtaposed with the black and white images of these real people, creates a deep, complex language of imagery that provides the viewer a message in code, allowing us to extract the hidden meanings in the obfuscated textures of the canvas. By successfully capturing the realities of the subject's cultural world, he transfigures the famous person into a fascinating realm of mixed media, manifesting a fresh perspective of our world.

Encapsulating new parameters by creating a greater intimacy with the viewer, his works compel us to come closer, look closer, and stay longer. Focusing on the details, he builds layer upon layer with vibrant colors, varied weighted lines, and dynamic compositions to develop individuality within his portrayed characters. Crafting a meaningful and historical narrative, every component possesses an artistic purpose in order to present the viewer with an entirely new perspective of the world.

Consisting of complex figural compositions, Mr. Englisch’s paintings contain hints of recognizable, yet incongruent imager, still-lives, figures, to create a visual flow of transitions. Rainer Englisch states: «Contrasts and contradictions bring energy and make our world so incredibly exciting. If I move current events, I deal with this like in collage images. I will not change the world this way, but I will be able to understand it better, to shake things up, and make life more colorful. ”

Internationally celebrated in Europe, and the U. S. , German born Rainer Englisch's magnificent art has been catapulted to the international art arena. Treasured in both corporate and private elite collections, Mr. Englisch was awarded a Sandro Boticelli prize in Florence, Italy in 2015 and was recently showcased in a Solo Exhibition at the United Nations'New York headquarters. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to shine the spotlight on this important contemporary star!

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