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California School Watercolor : On the Shore (0041). Unknown -Unsigned (From The Robert Landry Collection) The William Frederick Brooks Collections
This original watercolor painting measures 15 by 22 inches.

It dates circa 1940-1950.

It is unsigned.

It is painted on heavy watercolor paper.

It is in excellent condition, unmounted and unframed.
The paper has a French watermark embossed in one corner.
This is an original watercolor painting.
It is not a giclee, print or copy of any kind.

The copyright mark (www.ancient-eyes.com) is only on the photographs -not on the original painting.

It was purchased by me as part of a collection of original watercolor paintings amassed by a student of the well known, published and listed American artist, Robert Landry.

Her name was Nancy Louise Hickman. She died in the 1980's. There is very little known about Nancy Louise Hickman except that she had a rather large number of outstanding watercolors by Robert Landry in her estate, along with more of her own, many of which were very good or even exceptional. Many years ago, I was able to purchase a large portion of the collection as a group.

Given the quantity of paintings she had kept throughout her lifetime, there has been speculation that she may have been more than just a student, based on the number of Robert Landry paintings she owned and the obvious similarity to many of her own works.

Note: Robert Landry was a married man and apparently not to her. None of this has ever been documented. It is merely speculation based on circumstantial evidence.

These watercolors have been kept in deep storage for decades. There has been very little light on them during that time. The colors on many of them are as clean and bright as the day they were painted over 50 or 60 years ago.

For additional information on this or other items we have, please go to: (www.ancient-eyes.com)
Or (www.trocadero.com/ancienteyes)
California School Watercolor : On the Shore (0041)
Kunst des 20.Jh.,  Malereien,  Aquarell
Autor: Unknown -Unsigned (From The Robert Landry Collection)
55.9 x  38.1 Zm  /   22 x  15 Zoll
Themen: Meereslandschaft, Schiff  /   Herkunft: Kunst Nordamerikas  /   Genres: Akademismus  /   Charakteristika: Signiert  /   Authentizität: Original  /   Aufhängungen: Auf Papier  /   Periode: Moderne 1945-1970  /  
gepostet: 23 September, 2012 / bearbeitet: 24 Oktober, 2012
Copyright The William Frederick Brooks Collections

Marie D
Marie D , 26 September
Superbe !
Sanna Annina
Sanna Annina , 24 September
Splendide j'adore! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Annie Saltel
Premiummitglied Annie Saltel , 24 September
Very attractive watercolors. Quite gently et poesie. Annie
California School Watercolor : On the Shore (0041)
158 €  112 £  180 $ 
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The William Frederick Brooks Collections
The William Frederick Brooks Collections
Bonsall, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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