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1930'S San Francisco Covered Docks:. Helen Louise Conser The William Frederick Brooks Collections
This original oil painting on old hard panel board measures 22 by 28 inches (image only) and 26 by 32 inches framed.

The subject is a view of San Francisco Bay from a hillside vantage point, with old buildings in the foreground. The view looks down on covered docks or wharfs with ships in the background.

It is signed Helen Louise Conser in the lower left corner.

It is in outstanding condition overall.

It is painted in a loose Impressionist style which incorporates strong brush strokes and the use of a pallette knife.

This is one of two paintings by the artist that we are currently offering. Although they are not an exact matching pair, they are very similar in size, use of colors and subject matter.

Artist Biographical Information:

Helen Louise Conser was born in Portland, Oregon on July 17.1899. She settled in San Francisco in the early 1930s. She studied with George Post. She was a painter and worked with other wpa artists on projects at the time. She was also a member of the swa (Society of Western Artists. ) She apparently never married and died in San Francisco on Nov. 25.1980 At 81 years of age. She is listed in the following publications: 1. Edan Hughes, «Artists in California, 1786-1940, Volume 2. 2. Peter Falk, “Who Was Who In American Art (1564-1975)” 3 City Directory; Death record; San Francisco Chronicle, 11-27-1980.
1930'S San Francisco Covered Docks:
Kunst des 20.Jh.,  Malereien,  Öl
Autor: Helen Louise Conser
81.3 x  66 Zm  /   32 x  26 Zoll
Themen: Stadt, Viertel, Straße  /   Herkunft: Kunst Nordamerikas  /   Genres: Impressionismus  /   Charakteristika: Eingerahmt  /   Authentizität: Original  /   Aufhängungen: Auf Schild  /   Periode: 1900-1939  /  
gepostet: 20 August, 2013 / bearbeitet: 2 November, 2013
Copyright The William Frederick Brooks Collections

Marisol Usandegi
Premiummitglied Marisol Usandegi , 6 August
Fantastica realizacion.
1930'S San Francisco Covered Docks:
12.281 €  8.719 £  14.000 $ 
Private Collection
The William Frederick Brooks Collections
The William Frederick Brooks Collections
Bonsall, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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