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Unique painting a group of wild horses.  Gabrielle
Painting midrib banana tree
Painting of banana is a painting with a unique material, which is derived from organic waste recycling material (banana trunk). This painting has a high sustainability value in the fact that the painting materials are manufactured from materials that are not environmentally friendly industry. Banana stalks can be burned only when it meets the garden area. Each object of God's creation has its benefits when treated in an appropriate manner. Art has many ways of realization. Similarly, the painter, who had many ways to express the soul of art and their creative hands. Various basic materials ranging from sculpture, painting using watercolors to paint with banana leaves. The basic ingredients of banana bark and plywood. It does not seem common and unique if there are painters who use these two types of base material. Artistic value arising from painting the base material initially thought the banana skins are made of a wooden base so explained that the basic ingredients banana bark directly in awe. Release agent initially banana waste with artistry can be converted into a high-quality artistic value, the material is not difficult to obtain at the same time want to find something unique and use materials as natural as possible. Very few painters who use both types of these basic materials. The majority of the paintings of the base material banana leaves is dominated by shades of faces or animals or scenery while the base material made of banana leaves more to the natural feel and three-dimensional
Unique painting a group of wild horses
Zeitgenössische Kunst,  Primitive Kunst,  Gemischte Kompositionen
12.7 x  152.4 x  304.8 Zm  /   5 x  60 x  120 Zoll
Gewicht 2 kg
Themen: Tiere, Pferde  /   Herkunft: Kunst Indonesiens  /   Genres: Realismus  /   Charakteristika: Signiert  /   Authentizität: Original  /   Künstlertypen: Hobbykünstler  /   Aufhängungen: Auf Holz  /   Färbung des Photos: Farbe  /   Anzahl der Teile: 2
gepostet: 26 Juni, 2016 / bearbeitet: 26 Juni, 2016
Copyright Gabrielle

Plasticienne/ Am Sampeur
Premiummitglied Plasticienne/ Am Sampeur , 28 Juni
Un recyclage au service du talent.
Tout bouge de la queue du tigre qui respire, aux chevaux sauvages, tout est vivant.
Unique painting a group of wild horses
6.139 €  4.359 £  6.999 $ 
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Indo, Indonesien
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