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Frozen Time, Original hand-made glass-clear polyester resin 3-d sculpture. Andrei Autumn Andrei Autumn
Original hand-made glass-clear polyester resin 3-d sculpture. This resin is also known under name ‘liquid glass’, because it looks like it. It's clear like glass, transparent. Inside the ‘glass’ encapsulated parts of old clocks: clock face, gears, etc. They seem to be frozen in this piece of glass/ice. Of course, it is not an absolute rectangular prism, nor this piece has even, symmetrical sides. It has some cracks, as if the time was trying to break out. There are some minor scratches from polishing process. The images of the ‘Frozen Time’ reflect the piece from all sides, but the button, which has been designed to be a base.
It took a lot of time to make it, about 7 months. The gears were laid in layers so they could stay in place in fraction of a minute before the'liquid glass'becomes a'real'glass.

The shipping package includes certificate of authenticity and ‘Thank you’ note.

The shipping is free for European continent countries of Schengen Zone.
Please contact us for other destination.
I claimed that it will be signed on the back. Because, there are no other option within artfinder system here. However, in this case, first of all, it's only base/bottom where signature possibly be placed. But I would advise against it, because it could show from the sides. I would leave it up to a buyer.
Note: Naturally, I have many more pictures of the item. Please contact me.
Frozen Time, Original hand-made glass-clear polyester resin 3-d sculpture
Zeitgenössische Kunst,  Skulpturen,  Skulpturen
Autor: Andrei Autumn
19 x  19.5 x  11 Zm  /   7.5 x  7.7 x  4.3 Zoll
Gewicht 6 kg
Themen: Abstrakt  /   Materialien: Polyester  /   Herkunft: Europa  /   Authentizität: Original  /   Künstlertypen: Professionelle Künstler  /   Periode: Zeitgenössisch  /  
gepostet: 15 April, 2017 / bearbeitet: 6 Oktober, 2018
Copyright Andrei Autumn

Frozen Time, Original hand-made glass-clear polyester resin 3-d sculpture
700 €  497 £  798 $ 
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Andrei Autumn
Andrei Autumn
Liepaja, Lettland
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