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The object of your search is deep under water. Mansur Boybekov Mansur Boybekov
«The object of your search is deep under water. , » By Mansur Boybekov
Original Painting: Oil on Canvas.
75 W X 128 h X 2 cm.
An Idea.
The picture was written when I was thinking about the price of success.
As for me, the main price of success is discomfort. I do not know why nature and evolution have programmed our brain to resist everything new. After all, all the innovations and all the benefits of humanity were invented by people who decided to move away from all norms and rules.
Monotony and passivity, this is what leads to death, but not the desire for something new.
We experience discomfort even thinking about something new: at first we are simply lazy, then we begin to be tormented by doubts about the correctness of our idea, we do not have enough funds, new difficulties constantly arise and finally, most of our friends discourage us from this new venture. Many give up at the stage of banal laziness.
For you, dear reader, this story is more familiar to anyone else. You stoically endured all these trials and came to the light of absolute success. Let my picture serve as a reminder of how you once moved yourself, dived to the bottom of the sea and emerged from a handful of gold and your hand.
In the Interior.
The painting «We wade through ignorance» is written in dark blue tones. The picture is made in such a technique that does not lose the depth of meaning, depending on the position.
As you know, blue has a positive effect on the psyche. This color has a calming effect, reduces pressure and improves the functioning of the nervous system.
The picture «Through the glass of prejudice» will perfectly fit into any interior.
In the picture there is a depth that allows you to peer into it for a long time and see each time new images.

Mansur Boybekov «The object of your search is deep under water» / Uzbekistan / Sea / Sky / Blue / Landscape / Abstract sea / Clouds / grey
The object of your search is deep under water
Zeitgenössische Kunst,  Malereien,  Acryl
Autor: Mansur Boybekov
2 x  128 x  75 Zm  /   0.8 x  50.4 x  29.5 Zoll
Gewicht 0.3 kg
Themen: Abstrakt  /   Künstlertypen: Professionelle Künstler  /   Aufhängungen: Auf Leinwand  /   Periode: Zeitgenössisch  /  
gepostet: 13 April, 2019 / bearbeitet: 13 April, 2019
Copyright Mansur Boybekov

The object of your search is deep under water
3.596 €  2.554 £  4.100 $ 
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Mansur Boybekov
Mansur Boybekov
Tashkent, Usbekistan
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