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«Complex, Fluxes». Mo Maria Sarkis Mo Maria Sarkis
«Complex, Fluxes»
Art Installation By Mo Maria Sarkis.
Ps. Prints are available for sale in limited edition, for more details contact us on : ashesspaces@gmail.com

At : http://www.vkvfordkultur.org.tr/ 2015, Turkey, Art Installation that features 4 different excerpts from my poem “view of paved land” translated into 4 languages : English, Ukranian, Arabic, Turkish.

Poetry/words extract from my work ‘ view of paved land ‘ which is a word’s work in progress that participated in makhzin n01 New Literary Magazine, Makhzin stems from 98weeks’ research On Publications
Httpa//www.98weeks.net/p/on-publications-research-project.html:::http://www.98weeks.net/p/on-publications-research-project.html April 2014; Also see this link : httpsa//ashesspaces.wordpress.com/view-of-paved-land/:::https://ashesspaces.wordpress.com/view-of-paved-land/
Also Participated in Inchiostro e Pietra – Ink and Stone – حبر وحجر – Literary Magazine pages 11, 36, 37 :
See also : http://www.inchiostroepietra.org/author/maria/
This work started during temporary in-habitation of space and art residency at La Generale En Manufacture Sevres-France end of 2010, questioning the
Notion of lodging/non-lodging, I think when talking on'territoriality'what is meant are words in process, it is one mode or functionality of creating
Space, I think this space some times is tangent and itself transcript some where in line…
«Territoriality» is a term associated with nonverbal communication that refers to how people use space to communicate ownership/occupancy of areas and possessions (… ) Territoriality can also be associated with states or nations. Government and social ideas are also associated with Territoriality. A nation state can establish common ideals among its citizens which lead to territoriality. Nationalism is an example of this. National pride, common religious practices, and politics all play a role in a state’s territoriality (… ) ‘ Wikipedia.
Words that I consider they are born out of a contextual complex, fluxes of imagery that involve the notions of'territory'and'border'… And can be tangent on site to other languages…
«Complex, Fluxes»
Zeitgenössische Kunst,  Andere,  Andere Kunstarten
Autor: Mo Maria Sarkis
Themen: Kunst  /   Authentizität: Original  /   Künstlertypen: Professionelle Künstler  /   Periode: Zeitgenössisch  /  
gepostet: 28 August, 2019 / bearbeitet: 28 August, 2019
Copyright Mo Maria Sarkis

«Complex, Fluxes»
2.000 €  1.420 £  2.280 $ 
Auf Anfrage
Mo Maria Sarkis
Mo Maria Sarkis
Paris, Frankreich
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