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Toucan-toco, bird in the forests from South America. Aldo Camargo Vilella Aldo Camargo
Toucan-toco, bird in the forests from South America

Colored Pastel Drawing inspired vintage gravures
Contemporary Art 100% original straight from the artist's studio.
Works created: 2019
Drawing: Oil Pastel Pentel on Paper Canson 300g.
Paper size: a3
Frame and glass are required to put on the wall but are not included in the sale.
The sale includes: packaging, shipping, gallery commission, some taxes and fees, certificate of authenticity.

Thank you for choosing this job!
«Read the ad to the end»

I present to you my work drawing in oil pastel, inspired by old illustrations. I am very capricious and detail oriented, and I have been an art student for many years with a focus on Dutch Baroque and the Italian Renaissance. The works are entirely mine, signed on the back and accompanied by certificates of authenticity. I chose works of excellent quality. Original canvas, inspired by ancient naturalists of the 19th century. I love this painting and its conception, I tried to capture the spirit of the period from Neoclassicism, I kept the idea and the design of the time, the concept and the magical and mysterious style of the time, but I think it was good.

Ramphastos toco, popularly known as tucanuçu, tucanaçu, tucano-grande and tucano-boi, is a species of toucan and the greatest representative of the Ramphastidae family.
Etymology: «Tucanuçu» and «tucanaçu» come from Tupi tukanu'su, which means «large toucan».
It is 56 cm long and weighs about 540 grams, being the largest of all toucans, with macaws and parrots, the toucan toucans are a kind of symbol of the birds of the South American continent. The plumage is uniformly black from the crown to the back and belly. It has a bare yellow skin around the eye and its eyelids are bluish. The crop is white and often dyed yellow. The rump is white and the plumage under the tail, which forms the skin, is reddish. The most notable feature of the species is the large orange beak, which can measure 22 cm. The beak is made of spongy bone tissue, forming a non-massive and arched structure like a honeycomb. This makes the beak lighter and therefore does not hinder the flight. The tip of the jaw has a large black spot. Studies have shown that its beak also serves as a natural heat disperser, due to the number of blood vessels present in contact with the environment. Puppies have a short yellow beak, without a black spot. The skin around the eyes is whitish and the throat is yellow. They live an average of 40 years. Omnivorous, the animal feeds on fruits, insects, lizards, eggs and chicks of other birds. Due to deforestation, the toucan seeks food in areas close to cities. The bird lives in pairs or flocks of two dozen individuals who fly in single file. It flies with a straight beak, in line with the neck, alternating short wing flaps with a longer plane. When sleeping he turns his head and rests his beak on his back.

As I expect my audience to respond positively to my work, I do my job with as much care as possible and with high quality materials, so that I always inform them without fear, the high quality helps in preservation, presentation and durability; it has to do with the artist's honesty in not using third-party materials at first-class prices. I do an extensive study of the figure before drawing, type of scene, position of the figure, colors, etc. The images I use as inspiration are taken from collections and research centers of various professionals; my work compares to old works of art with some modern techniques and drawing materials.

Technical information:
Pentel trade mark, oil pastels, make Thailand and Japan Inc.

The work was made in Paper Canson special for painting and quality drawing.
The Canson® Paint Block has the exclusive Canson® Double Face paper, specially designed for lots of paint in the Art Education classes.
Because it is a heavyweight paper, it is especially suitable for painting with various types of paints such as; gouache, acrylic, plastic, etc. Besides the paintings can be used for dry techniques such as: colored pencil, crayons, graphite and so on.
• Made in France, within the strictest quality standards
• Canson® Double-sided Heavyweight Paper
• Neutral pH, which prevents paper yellowing
• Has treatment against fungi and bacteria
• Weight: 300g / m²
• Formats: a4 and a3
Use: Gouache, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and etc.

Thank you for your attention
Toucan-toco, bird in the forests from South America
Zeitgenössische Kunst,  Zeichnungen,  Zeichnungen
Autor: Aldo Camargo Vilella
1 x  30 x  42 Zm  /   0.4 x  11.8 x  16.5 Zoll
Gewicht 2 kg
Untertypen: Pastellfarbe  /   Themen: Wilde Tiere  /   Herkunft: Kunst Lateinamerikas  /   Genres: Illustration  /   Charakteristika: Studien  /   Authentizität: Original vom Künstler  /   Künstlertypen: Hobbykünstler  /   Periode: Zeitgenössisch  /  
gepostet: 1 April, 2020 / bearbeitet: 1 April, 2020
Copyright Aldo Camargo

Patricia Vivier Robert » Pat V »
Premiummitglied Patricia Vivier Robert » Pat V » , 3 August
Superbe réalisation
Marisol Usandegi
Premiummitglied Marisol Usandegi , 27 April
Fantastica realizacion.
Toucan-toco, bird in the forests from South America
263 €  187 £  300 $ 
Zu verkaufen
Aldo Camargo
Aldo Camargo
Pastell Künstler 
Rio De Janeiro, Brasilien
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