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Interview mit Alain Choisnet - Bildhauer

Alain Choisnet gepostet: 30 Januar, 2011 / bearbeitet: 27 März, 2020
Interview mit Alain Choisnet - Bildhauer To begin, I'll let you introduce yourself and tell us about your background, your preferred areas of work, material that inspires you the most:

I was born in Britain in 1962 at the foot of the magnificent castle of Ferns, but c is in a Paris suburb that I grew up. The benches of the school selected me to the call of working life that took me on a power more attractive than the calculation of the hypotenuse! Nevertheless philosophical studies, parallel university course, gave me a solid understanding of the human being. This knowledge helped me tremendously to assert myself as an artist.

Earth and the cast are currently the materials on which I work the most. As regards the earth, my tools are the most basic of all: a chisel, a mirette, sponges and brushes. Oh, I forgot the regrowth-wood skin (which uses cuticle of the nails) and is my favorite tool to achieve the details of the faces in the ground. The feminine
Inspires me greatly. My invoice rather classical sculptures seek to convey messages through the soothing aesthetics of the body and poses for women.

- What are your inspirations? - Can you explain when you come for inspiration?

My sources are largely photographers arts, women's magazines, attitudes picked at random life. I rarely let the inspiration come to me. I'll try and do cause when I feel the time has come to get involved in a new creation. I am extremely frustrated when I can get in shape immediately what I imagine lack of time or resources.

- And your favorite artist? Is it also a source of inspiration?

The sculptors of the 19th century are very close to me. I regard with great respect the work of Carpeaux Barrias, Rodin, Pradier… And everyone who knew beautify our cities and interiors of their creations. I just have to admire some of their works that ignites my desire to create. In this sense they are for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

- Before the sculpture, did you have other points of attraction or what talent you always lived there? When and how did you decide to make the sculpture?

From memory I always tried to work the material to make him a more aesthetic. Whether paper, wood, steel, plaster or clay, everything is good to stimulate my desire to create. My first encounter with clay goes back more than thirty years but I have long ignored the almost limitless creative possibilities it offered. In my opinion I was not yet ready to exploit them.

-Have you ever carved on the same materials?

No. For example some of my most significant works were carried out in books and audio cassettes for a big publishing house. The sheer size of these items provides a cohesiveness that allows few opportunities fixtures. Ships, Eiffel Tower, cars (actual size), Arc de Triomphe and dozens of other ephemeral works were able to come forward and confirm my ability to work in 3d.

- What time do you prefer when you realize an idea of sculpture?

Is the moment after I stopped on a sublime attitude I thought before the transpose in the matter. This step is enjoyable because the work is actually created at this level. Working the earth is but the technique that will materialize the concept of departure as accurately as possible. The distortion between the two is often due the lack of precision in the first creation.
The moment I am most receptive is when I just finished a piece. I am again free to mentally project myself into a new creation. Oddly, when I learned that freedom only trying to lock me up again in a new project.

- Is it easy to live his passion, in the case of your art?

The path can sometimes seem long to live exclusively on his art. Personally I begin to live. The creation of bronze requires a significant investment before it can present a number of models sufficient to mount an exhibition that takes the road.
The surround is also very important to flourish in the arts. I am fortunate to be supported and encouraged by all my family and many friends. This support is essential to overcome periods of doubt.

- What are the art projects you care about most in the future?

Working on a project of urban sculptures to beautify our many roundabouts, streets or places our life scenes immortalized in bronze.

- Are you sensitive to art criticism?

Art being a matter of feeling varies from one individual to another depending on his mood, I totally understand if my creations do not appeal and it affects me less when a point view expressed in my favor. But I gladly accept advice to improve my technique, because I think I have much to learn.

- What is a sculpture successful as you and your own criteria?

A philosopher said «Art is a word that sums up the quality of communication. » A sculpture that communicates more emotion than I had imagined at the outset seems successful. This is not necessarily one that, technically, seems perfect.
I also learned not to give my own views to those who admire one of my sculptures. What happens between an admirer and a work belongs to him, and nobody should interfere. He may see something in my creation that I do not see. The imagination of the viewer should not be polluted by explanations. That's why I never comment on my sculptures. And that's why I do not like formulas prémâchées so-called art experts who dissect a work instead of letting people dream. Is not the purpose of the artist, his next dream, let him think with integrity?

- How would you define your work?

As I told you all of my work seeks to convey positive messages and soothing. The beauty of the female body seems to be a very appropriate vehicle for transmitting values reassuring.

- What are the advantages for you in your business?

For now I still can not talk business but rather of passion. I have the opportunity to indulge seems to be the greatest of privileges.

- There's still there disadvantages to your job?

Financially this business may be uncertain. But since we're talking about passion for the moment I see only happiness!

- How is a working day?

In a rather orderly universe. In order to stay focused on anything other than the part being, I am evolving into a workshop where no other work is commenced and not completed. From experience allows me to go to the end of a project easier and faster.
And music. Music is a very good support for me when I create. But not just any either. Difficult to evoke a concept of softness in the hard rock!
When I run to represent what I had imagined I would rather take a step back. I sometimes stop for several days to come back with a fresh eye. I rarely work a full day on a sculpture. Once exercise becomes imposed the quality of what I produce is affected. I give myself the freedom to create or not create. Not ideal?

- What shows have you seen recently? Have you advise? And there he was waiting impatiently for you?

The latter was a new visit to the Grand Palace. Moreover, cutting through every day in Paris scooter, I love discovering a sculpture at the corner of a square or a park, or lick the windows of galleries Place des Vosges or the Carré Rive Gauche. I also regularly visit the antique shops of the Carré du Louvre or the Swiss Village.

- And you will expose you soon?

Yes on 7 February in the Workshop of New Athens. In addition, the Gallery at The Arts Madeleine permanently exposing all of my works.

- What advice would you give to young sculptors?

Practice, persistence, integrity and artistic communication. Success in my opinion is the proper mix of these factors.

- Finally a word?

It is very easy to destroy and undermine an artist's talent. Some use it subtly. Therefore it is vital to keep out of people denigrating or belittling the artist himself or his art. Many artists have been awarded under pressure not allowing them to reach their potential long to be told he was ill at ease to produce sublime works. It is also true that the Mona Lisa is blonde! Move the source of denigration and you will see the reborn artist and produce their best work. All that to say that an artist of immense value to our society and it should not allow themselves to discredit but to believe in his abilities and create wealth!
Thank you for giving me the floor.
06 68 34 96 10
Mehr Informationen: www.alainchoisnet.fr
Jacqueline Claux
Jacqueline Claux, 22 Juni
J'ai été émerveillée par votre présentation tout en finesse et sensibilité… Un réel tempérament d'artiste. Oui, l'oeuvre doit parler d'elle même et on en a assez de ces critiques d'art, censeurs, sélectionneurs ou flatteurs de tout poil… Cà parle de trop ! Nous les artistes nous souhaitons partager pour être dans l'activité culturelle, celle qui enrichit, fait bouger les lignes, nous nomme créateurs…
Et si on vend c'est bien aussi !
Brigitte Lafon/roy
Brigitte Lafon/roy, 11 Dezember
Après lecture attentive de votre interview je me suis rendue compte que je partageais le même cheminement que vous… Inspirations diverses. Magazines, dessins persos… La création se prépare et se délecte en pensée, cela peut être long. La sublimation lorsque la créature me fait face. Puis l'instant de délivrance où déjà sans être totalement aboutie et fignolée. Je peux penser à la prochaine qui commence à naître dans ma tête!
Votre oeuvre en totalité est sublime, elle me touche énormément, tout en étant proche de Le Nantec (dans la perfection des détails) mais je dois dire. Que je trouve vos oeuvres encore plus actuelles! Vos muses semblent vivantes, leurs visage expressifs et purs. Et leurs postures si véritables ont toutes dans leur diversité une étrange tendresse mêlée de douceur! Moi, je n'ai commencé vraiment la sculpture que depuis 3 années. Et je regrette tant d'avoir perdu ce temps précieux… Je suis Vendéenne née en 1960. Et je connais votre région. Très bien. Continuez à nous faire rêver… Et vous avez raison, il faut se protéger et fuir les esprits malveillants. Bonne soirée, Brigitte Lafon/ROY
Marie D
Marie D, 16 Februar
Superbe interview très intéressante ! Des messages positifs en tout point de vue ! Merci pour ces belles paroles !
Pascale Noemy
Pascale Noemy, 22 September
Des oeuvres accomplies et des propos justes. «Éloigner la source du dénigrement et vous verrez l'artiste renaître»…
Emotion, 12 September
J aime
Jojo Quimbrot
Premiummitglied Jojo Quimbrot, 3 Mai
Magnifique travail… De toute beauté digne de jacques le nantec dont je suis admirateur. C'est un compliment… Félicitations. Jojo quimbrot
Diane Lombardo
Premiummitglied Diane Lombardo, 8 Oktober
Merci à vous d'avoir pris la parole.
En tant que jeune sculpteur, ces mots apportent beaucoup, sont nécessaires et bénéfiques.

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