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Ersan tokoğlu

Tokoglu gepostet: 2 November, 2013 / bearbeitet: 3 November, 2013
Ersan tokoğlu
Ersan tokoglu
Although the artist intentionally creates figurative images, it would be more proper to approach his paintings from the perspective of lyric expressionism. These realistic, plastic, and lyric textures are filling abstract images with deep sense of harmony. This harmony of abstract paintings is created by human spirit in a peaceful atmosphere. Images of fish represented in the painting represent a metaphor of a unity striving for freedom. The dominating artistic approach in this painting is experimenting. In terms of Suprematism, the pictorial language of the artist lies in the uncovering of a transcendental image, which is enclosed in itself. Moreover, the inner meaning of this process, as emphasized in the artist statement “future of nature”, is an idealized integration of nature and oneself. Like Baudlaire, one of the most influential names in XX century abstract art who treated abstraction as the internalization of the form, the artist is compromising betweeen the harmony of the painting and its general theme. Searching for meanings, the artist isolates the composition from its contents and tries to converge it with the consciousness capable of hearing its rhythm. In the artist’s paintings, this rhythm acts as a dynamic impulse. Placed above the trends of contemporary dependent-independent methods, the artist’s paintings are exposing themselves to intuitional sensitivity from the first glance.
Maï Laffargue
Premiummitglied Maï Laffargue, 21 Dezember
Bravo à l'artiste !

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