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Evgeniy gepostet: 30 März, 2016 / bearbeitet: 31 März, 2016
Google translated: Changes, changes, transformation is the arrival of something new in exchange stale, traditional and already familiar to the Center of the Faith, «bone» understanding of reality, ideology… New - even more afraid and worried if there is an effect of surprise and in addition - fundamentally opposed to the «Me»… «How to love», an all-new, always brings in numbness, shock… Born exacerbation of feelings, causing panic and dissatisfaction… We can not say that the changes, the new - this is bad… New - perhaps better, perhaps worse, and it is vague and little-perhaps even imagine… But what is - is happening now, and what changes are themselves feeling of suffering - it's a fact…
The suffering - it is always a pain… The pain is always pain and perceived as intentional impact from the outside, and at this moment to achieve an understanding of the object is very difficult, as the temperature at the suffering and pain is always raised… ) Blood rages and tries to cope with change and harmoniously adapt the body and soul, and all the changes around… )
As it is easier to carry change, the suffering, the new… ? After all, the main question is not - it would be: better or worse? The only doubt about it… There is only one answer - a belief in a better. Faith destroys any doubt.
Faith in the best help to alleviate the suffering and pain to go… Faith will go and see, instead of the fire and coals under your feet - the water. Because the believer will present itself in the future - safe and sound, and never will sink in water and do not burn in the fire… That's all - the test Rada better future. And not what path will not break nor a fence will not be an obstacle, as a religious person sees through it - and sees the future…
Faith - representation of themselves in the future. Everyone believes in his. But everyone will be easier in the future if everyone will believe in good… Will be a good future! Believe in Welcome, tranquility, understanding, happiness, peace, justice, honesty, love! )
Mehr Informationen: www.industrial.onlyart.ru

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