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Images against war

Jorg Becker gepostet: 9 April, 2016 / bearbeitet: 11 April, 2016
Images against war
Images against war
I have a series «Images Against War» photographed. All pictures can be seen on my website http://www.jb-artphotography.com/images-against-war

On ArtQuid I show the images also.

The Bunker by Gurp, Medoc, France
The Atlantic Wall was an extensive system of coastal fortifications built by the III rd Reich during World War II along the western coast of Europe and to prevent a landing on the continent by the allies. It is on the left of this beach many blockhouses of World War II.
Originally built on the top of the dunes, are now found buildings rocked on the beach: the bunkers are the characteristics of the coastal evolution witnesses the fate of these constructions in 80 years has greatly taking awareness of coastal retreat.
These photos are intended to remind and encourage reflection.

Taking of pictures in raw format without automatic and without camera image processing. Manual development and processing. Partially double exposure.
Mehr Informationen: www.jb-artphotography.com/images-against-war

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