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«Maenad» re-carved. (Perhaps a reconstruction rather than a restoration per se

Norman Trewhitt gepostet: 25 März, 2017 / bearbeitet: 27 März, 2017
«Maenad» re-carved. (Perhaps a reconstruction rather than a restoration per se
This is the story of a sculpture I carved from a solid piece of ash some four years ago. Standing some 80 or so centimetres tall it was based on the Hellenic sculpture of the Maenad of Skopas having seen and sketched the plaster cast in the Museum of Classical Art in Cambridge. My work developed a huge shrinkage crack which made me rapidly lose interest. I made a repair as work progressed but in the end decided to put it to one side. Last year I developed Polymyalgia which made me so stiff sculpting became nigh on impossible so I had to focus on drawing. However, once I started to respond to treatment my strength returned I and decided to have another look at repairing this. The three part image here shows on the left how I had attempted to repair the crack initially and in the middle just how much the crack had deepened and widened and finally on the right where it had now been filled with epoxy resin.
At the Potfest (www.potfest.co.uk) Ceramics show in Penrith last August I saw some Raku work which had developed cracks in the process and these cracks had been filled with gold making them into sought-after items. That gave me an idea.
Having now filled the crack (s) with epoxy resin I will apply some gold leaf at a later stage.
The whole piece is being radically re-carved and modelled while I'm at it.
Mehr Informationen: www.normantrewhitt.co.uk

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