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Ionist Art Group

Gerald Shepherd gepostet: 12 Juni, 2019 / bearbeitet: 12 Juni, 2019
Ionist Art Group
I coined the term Ionist Art in 1976 to cover the style of art I was exploring at the time which combined processes and procedures from science and mathematics with drawing, painting and sculpture. The work was sequential and developed ideas using image sequences within controlling structures. The style would later evolve into an art form I called Meditative Process Art with brighter colours, simpler imagery and less complex formats.

I founded the Ionist Art Group in 1987 to organise collective multidisciplinary events and facilitate the exchange of ideas between artists and scientists etc. The group eventually had a large international membership of scientists, visual artists, writers and musicians. I organised monthly meetings in London between 1988 and 1992, staged a handful of science-art exhibitions and edited a quarterly newsletter (Ion Exchange).

After this I began to organise exhibitions, music concerts and related events to campaign and raise funds for animal welfare and wildlife conservation charities. These ran from1992 to the end of the Century when I moved the project online. I am currently working on a new website after the original one had to close a number of years ago.

I also organised exhibitions of modern art in Wiltshire (Modern Wiltshire Artists) and Hampshire (Modern Hampshire Artists) from 1994 to the early years of the present Century.

I continue to organise modern art and multidisciplinary exhibitions under the Ionist Art Group Banner. The latest being an annual series of shows at the Paul McPherson Gallery in London between 2011 and 2013.

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