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Hello Everyone!

Victoria Rovzka gepostet: 9 November, 2019 / bearbeitet: 9 November, 2019
Hello Everyone!
Dear friends!

I am Victoria, a Digital Artist from Ukraine. I am sharing my feelings and understanding of the surrounding world and myself. I create with the same immense excitement, tenderness and delight as when they meet and embrace their first true love after long years of parting. Having that bitter taste of the past days and sensing my imperfect heartbeating, I speak the words of love even more confidently than before in order to beautify the space of life.

I would like to learn more about you.

Here is my story.

I took my conscious decision to create visual arts at the age of 3.5. I clearly remember that day. Summer of 1992, a small town in Eastern Ukraine. My beloved grandma and i, a curly girl in a blue dress and a flowered hat, were walking along the street under the shadows of spreading old trees. I heard the joyful chatting coming from the open door of the unremarkable one-story building standing on the right side of the street. That was the Children’s Art School. I begged my grandma to come inside. I was instantly enchanted by the atmosphere. I resolutely declared, “i want to learn to do the same. ” The Director replied, “You are too young. We will accept you when you are 6. ”

My childhood and adolescence were the years of extreme poverty, despair, not having the place you can call home, painful feelings and attempts to survive. My darling mom who had been suffering from the severe heart disease and I were striving to break through to a more decent life. It was hard for us. Our credit card loans that we were taking to literally buy bread were growing. Our closest relatives did not see the sense to maintain relationships with such miserable people as we were. Even our cat had left us for the neighbor who was feeding her with sausages.

I was 8 when I got such a strange feeling that the world was so broken-down that it could not be fixed. That understanding was so all-embracing that I sat down and wrote a letter to God. I wrote about what was hurting me. At the end I stated that I wanted to live my life anyway and I would learn more in order to do useful things.

I trusted my childhood dreams and desires to my drawings and paintings. I was depicting fashionable dresses, a cozy house, a fridge filled with tasty food, and how I would be studying at the University. In the children’s encyclopedia I read about the positive impact the personal computers had been making in many spheres. I had been saving from my school breakfast money for 2 months in order to buy the book about operating a pc. Because I did not have a real one, I created my first “laptop” by drawing the screen and keyboard at the turn of the encyclopedia book. I was hunting for the knowledge. Education has always been among my main priorities. I still keep this “paper electronics”.

In 2004 I had the highest academic achievements among the secondary school pupils in the history of our town. I was recognized at the regional and national levels. I was going to wear 30 year old ramshackle shoes on my graduation day. I believed that I would apply my skills and abilities in the best possible way. Straight before the eyes of the frightening reality, I ignored all sorts of anxieties.

I was constantly diving into the surrounding world and analyzing myself in order to find what was valuable for me as a personality. Every time when I wanted to give up I recalled my 2 distant relatives I heard about. Ukrainian science fiction writer Oles whose books had been published in 26 countries. American journalist Igor who was writing articles for The New York Times. I was proud of them. I wished to take my own way in life.
While I was studying I was working as a Table Cleaner, Summer Camp Counselor, Cashier, Sales Manager, Computer Lab Technician, Trainee Researcher, Graduate Teaching Assistant to name a few. By the age of 26 I had obtained the Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language Education and 3 Master’s Degrees: in Information Management, Economics, Information Systems.

Then I pursued my career as a Senior Business Analyst in one of the fastest growing international digital transformation companies. I was blessed to make friends with the people of different cultures, thoroughly explore the actual cyberspace and rediscover my desire to create art in digital form.

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