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About my work…

Eva Neeracher Interdisciplinary Artist gepostet: 2 Mai, 2020 / bearbeitet: 2 Mai, 2020
About my work…
“ The source of my art-work has always been in the listening to the “vital silence“ within my body, opening up a physical-space in which to receive- these internal energie-waves- and to perceive, translate them- into visible forms to create an interdisciplinary art-language! ”

EvA Neeracher has been writing, drawing & painting ever since… And as a unique part of her creations as a performing artist/ choreographer she has always been closely related to the graphic- drawing and the art of painting, as a source of inspiration and research-process. “ With the first inspirational impulses comes the necessity to put the movement on paper and in 3-dimensional space. » As an interdisciplinary artist she loves to merge and cross over, like painting on Canvas, video & fotographical sources integrated in her performances. With her unique Methode : diary dance-bodyscriptures& moving mind she leads Workshops across Europe for artists to research& explore into a interdisciplinary -field of painting-writing & performing arts.

In my process …
I work strongly conected with my inner rhythm coming out on the Canvas as frequencies of colours. Each color has its own energy & dynamic, by pouring it out on to the canvas I feel the force & power running trough my inner system.
As a performing artist I feel each dance movement has its color & subtle sensation … Physical & mental, like choreographing with movement in space. On the canvas it becomes visible and its just a glimpse of a momentum… The essence of a inner landscape of movement/rhythm and a pure released innumerable unfiltered impulses.
Musik plays an important role in my creating Process! As I follow my inner rhythm, I love to paint as well with music, inspiration from an outer source, the sounds of nature and the patterns & rhythm that surrounds our daily life. Painting with musik becomes color & visible art-sound-scapes, like painting a dance on canvas of choreographic patterns. Sometimes the dance-movement comes out first in the studio and the art follows conected to it, as one Creation, in two different mediums… Becoming an interdisciplinary Art-Form.
By working on 2t o 3 canvas/ paintings at once, the theme/ dynamic & subject is transporting and transforming its self and shifts trough a row of my Paintings.
Like in my choreographic -process, scene by scene transports the message of the dannce-performance across.
Bodymind drawing & writing is the connection within a mind structure that brings the overabundance of creative-chaos inputs & instant downloads of new energies into a clear reality!

« I see myself as an energy transformer, by sensing them, shifting and shaping them into visible forms, a download of unfiltered energy waves. »

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