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Where does Art come from?

Gino Parisi gepostet: 14 Mai, 2020 / bearbeitet: 15 Mai, 2020
Where does Art come from?
My passion for art began at an early age and my aptitude for creative vision has never left me. After being educated in the uk and going on to achieve a ba (Hons), I returned to Italy and lived in Milan. This gave me the opportunity to expand my creative mind in the heart of European design. It was here in Milan that I held my first exhibition at a gallery situated in the renowned art area of Porto Venezia. My representation by the gallery led me to obtain a commission as Arts Director for a private property developer in Dubai. On leaving the Middle East, I moved to Rome and it was there I allowed myself the time to explore my spirituality, resulting in the emotions manifesting through my art. What followed were several exhibitions in Rome and Turin. At that time my inner Spiritual journey was gathering momentum, and this eventually took me back to the uk, was awarded a Masters degree and I settled in rural Wales.

My Spirituality has always been the driving force behind my art. In my contemporary art studio in Wales, I escape from the restrictive conditioning of the world, call on Universal Source Energy and, with no preconception of what will flow onto the canvas, I allow my connection with Source Energy to inspire my artwork. My creative mind expands beyond our idea of reality to a place where Source Energy flows through me. This energy can still be felt long after completion of a piece of art, benefiting the viewer and allowing them to take from it what they will.
Mehr Informationen: https://www.artquid.com/artist/ginoparisi
Marisol Usandegi
Premiummitglied Marisol Usandegi, 9 Juni
La gran galería de Gino en sus pinturas abstracto- expresionismo, verdaderamente transmite su espiritualidad e intimismo de las vivencias que cuentas perfectamente, y viendo con detenimiento siento en mi opinión parte de sus vivencias que expresa en pequeños fragmentos que yo percibo.
! ! Fantásticas realizaciones ! !
Saludos de una admiradora Marisol

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