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Learn the power of telling a story.
The "Storytelling" is the most powerful tool to get yourself known from the public.

One simple rool: tell YOUR story!
No need to invent a story, just tell the story of your passion and try to stay the most authentic as possible. You have the power to share this incredible feeling of beeing passionate about your artistic work, so do not hesitate to speak with emotion to touch your readers.

A reader who is sensitive about your work and your story can rapidly become a buyer!
Whatever your artistic level, you could be a professional artist or a beginner, you have a story to share.
Be sincere and most important: do not forget interesting details of your story :) A detail could play an essential role in your work.

Important: your article should not be a copy/paste of your Presentation!
Your Presentation is like a resume, when your article is a real story that is aiming the sensitivity of your readers.

You can develop all the themes or just one in particular: the beginning, the subject of your work, your inspiration, important details, the message you want to transmit, a particular artistic technique or your work in progress.

  Ask yourself the right questions
  When did you start this passion?
  What was the event that made you have this passion?
  Are you sensitive about a particular subject?
  What are your source of inspiration?
  What are the important details in your work?
  Do you have a particular message to transmit?
  Do you have a particular artistic technique?
  What do you do to progress in your work?
  What does this passion give you in your life?
  What is the reason that pushes you to continue?
A well written story can rapidly spread and become virale!
The quality of your text is essential to make it easy to understand for the reader.
  The structure of your article
  Choose a title that attracts the attention
  Write a text of about one Word page
  With an introduction, several paragraphs and a conclusion
  Use short and simple sentences
  Use keywords and expressions
  Add a picture to your article
Post an article in the category "Story of a Passion"
Your story will be in top of the Art Market Magazine


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